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ETTP Music Studio 

Shop 238–239 . One Terminal 1/F. Wah Lok Mansion. Tsing Shan Square.

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屯門青山坊2號華樂商場1號總站1/f 238–239 號鋪

正弦音樂及藝術學院 屯門恆威工業中心B 23 樓16

青衣邨宜業樓 /屯門䨇寓

ellen pianoMusic unite people, unite souls, it’s my fortune to have the ability to share what I have with you. Thank you to my parents who gave me this chance.

I love you.





Welcome to my Blog.  This is a blog mainly for sharing my music, my music teaching life, my students and my philosophy. Hopefully you will share some common thoughts in it.




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dsc_9929_01m.jpg 琴弦sing夜演奏會2012 嘉賓,Thomas Cheung
MA Graduation Dinner Performance MA Graduation Dinner Performance 2012

Miss Ellen has been teaching since 1997 till now. She has worked as a news journalist after her bachelor degree in Communications. BA (Hons) Communications and Media Studies. After working as news reporter, TV show host and others… She has decided to devote herself fully into the music field.  She came to a thought a day that life is so short, if ones cannot indulge in a job or career that she enjoy most, that would be pity.

Ellen loves music very much. Jamming with friends and accompanying other soloist has been her most favorable interest.

Jamming with Debra Wong on “Secret Garden” instantly.

Although Ellen was working in a different field other than music, she never stopped learning. She obtained her piano performance certificate ATCL (performance level 1 certificate) with distinction during the course and also started another new instrument: violin. Life was not easy handling both day time job, teaching in the evening and practicing with the dumper pedal on during midnight or early morning.

After some years later devoting herself fully into music, she worked on the next level, the LTCL, (performance level 2 certificate) and picked up second instrument : Violin. (now proceeding to learning diploma level after grade 8). She also pushed herself to further study in the field of music, the Master of Arts in Music (major: conducting) in HKBU in 2012.


Master of Arts in Music of HKBU 2012


 2nd runner up of the Hong Kong Youth Piano Competition 2013 

07 copy
HKBU Choir Show. I am an Alto

2017 July

Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk Level 2

Playing Violin Under water Playing Violin Under water  Taken Oct 26, 2014

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