Artist on the Beach

This is something nice to share~

Artist on the beach, just enjoy the process instead of the result. I feel that music is somewhat similar to this.

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The Price of Musicians

How much should musician charge for an event?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me the price of playing music in a wedding banquet. After quoting the services and price, he was quite shocked and told me I should lower my own price.

How much is reasonable? From point of the customer, the cheaper the better, right? From point of service provider, the higher the price, the better. If I tell u I charge $1000 hk dollars per hour for playing music, what do you think?

The value of the service is not only limited to the hour’s presence in the event. Before that, we musicians need to arrange songs, organise regular practice hours, which is also parts of our costs. As freelancer, one hour practice means one hour less opportunity for teaching and earning. What customer, you, buying is the expertise and the high quality services. This is important in every circumstances. No one want their own wedding, the once a life time’s moment to be ruined by an accidental crashed notes, wedding with background goes wrong could be a disaster. What you need is professional musicians, who always practice. Who treated their job, and their professions seriously.

Long hours practice, careful and skillful song arrangement tailor-made for you. such as, some couples may want the songs to be played with violin and piano, while the original version is purely for piano only. this is where our expertise comes in place.

We deserve to be paid highly. most of us started our practice and learning since the age of only 3. When others are spending their time on television, playing on the ground or messing around with friends, we mess around with our instruments. We, musicians are professional in terms of our attitudes towards music learning. I cannot say ALL musicians are like this. but i can assure you that I really feel angry and frustrated when people dared to ask why I deserve to be paid such high price. My response? turn my head away and feel sorry for him  / her. As he or she just missed a chance of getting high quality service.

When the timing is wrong:

When choosing the song wrongly:

photo: Shing@Cloverland , Ellen Thong,  Rod@Cloverland, Michelle@Coverland, C Fu Kwan @ Cloverland. playing music at wedding banquet.