66th HKSMF

Today I m waking up early again for violin competition. Both Theodora and Natalie are playing at the same centre.

Theodora has performed quite nicely. Despite of an abrupt start without giving signal to the pianist (me). But other than that, the whole piece was smooth with little dynamic.

Natalie,1st time playing in competition, got a little anxious. Had a little memory slap, (all competitors have to play from memory) nevertheless managed to complete the piece well. As 1st time trial, she did quite well already.

搬屋遇貴人. What a lucky day!




I have been moving house these days. Today while I was taking a little break from tidying the house. Playing my violin , my new neighbour rang my bell, an old man with a native assent talked to me, ” your violin is not properly fixed. ” from hearing what he said, I knew he’s must be of same expertise as I do. And listening to elderly do nothing harm, right? I asked him the detail and we spent many hours together.

He’s a retired musician, professional in fixing and teaching violin. My violin is not a very expensive one, one of its problem is that the distance between fingers is too large with certain interval, which hinder my speed and affects my pitch accuracy.

Without me telling him, he already fixed the sound colour, as well as the key problem I have had with the violin. He even gave me a new Rosin! I m having big luck today!

Life of a musician

Life as a musician is not easy. Sometimes , you have to work till very late (lesson off at 22:30, by the time you arrived home , it’s already 23:00 or later) , while others you have to wake up early for competition, for other events like performance for ceremony which starts early in the morning..

Like today , I woke up at 06:00 and travelled to place far away for inter schools music competition.