Worst Accompanist


Because of the bad accompanist I encountered these days, I have to help myself more familiar with the piece by doing both piano and violin works

Bad accompanist, rush in tempo, wrong notes, no expressions, no sense of watching cue….I m very unlucky. Time is too rush for changing to a new one though. Score given half years ago, and he could tell me that he was too busy to practice and wait till the last moment.


A new musical experience: Live Cello Music and Yoga


Sports and Music has always been my favourites. Thanks to the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Pure Yoga, it’s my first trial to do yoga with live cello music and its fantastic.

The music played by the cellist Barley featuring Bach’s classical cello suits, filled the room with tranquility and warmth. The yoga instructor this time asked the pubic to do some simple and basic stretching. The beautiful music shorten the duration of the “suffering”. Really looking forward to other activities like this one!


Violin Scores Sharing

Lindsey-Stirling Download the score : Titled: Elements, from this link.

She’s a lovely violinist and dancer. She successfully combined the the two arts in a perfect way. Elegantly dancing while playing . Watching her youtube is enjoyable.

Lindsey Stirling 是一位拉小提琴的舞者,她是少數能夠同時融合兩種藝術的artist. 以上連結是其中一首小提琴作品 Element!check it out!

新學生,新一章。A new student, a new start


Thanks god for sending me this little cutie pretty,Yvette. When she plays, her facial expression, her strive for perfection reminds me to give the most what I can to my students.

謝謝上天給予我這個機會去栽培Yvette. 每次看到她天真的笑容,全神貫注地演奏的眼神,我心中便有團火,希望把她栽培成材。