Mixing trying with Finale

Song mixing  with Finale


聲音較粗糙,不理想。As expected, sound is not satisfactory.

4 thoughts on “Mixing trying with Finale”

  1. Ellen, I’m sending you a file to your Gmail address that shows violin, cello, and harpsichord taken from two of the three sources I listed. It is not easy, even with expensive samples, to sound completely authentic! Check your e-mail.

  2. The sounds are really cheesy. It’s really expensive to get quality sounds, like from:


    It is one thing to write something of quality, and another thing to make it sound professional. The above three sites are among the best in case you are not familiar.

    I have used Finale and left it for Sibelius, and then left both for Notion. It is probably true of all three, but Notion makes it very easy to bring in third-party sounds to help make the score sound believable.

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