ABRSM二級小提琴考試: 考官誤考三級音階Examiner Mistaken students’ grading.

Today after my student’s grade 2 violin examination, as usual I asked if she did well or not during the time, and she told me that the examiner requested something she never practiced before. (i.e Slur bow in the scale arpeggios section, which is requested only in grade 3 or higher upon checking.) She told me that the examiner discovered she has made a mistakes when she’s preparing the sight-reading section. My student is too young and nervous to make any response during her examination period.
We were leaving the examination centre by then, but immediately headed back and wanted to clarify the situation. The examiner then admitted that she made a mistake and said that she would justify the marks.
I am now drafting an appealing letter concerned and will follow the matter with the ABRSM. This is really very inappropriate and not professional. As my student opt for taking the exam in the order of pieces first, then scales, after that sight-reading and aural,  the mistakes the examiner made already have affected the performance of my student  after that moment. This is not acceptable and wasted the effort of the student for preparing this examination.
I am not to pinpoint the mistakes of certain person or so, but just to remind other instrumental teacher that this incident might happened.
I think the ABRSM exam broad should consider having a recording pen or similar gadget placing insides the examination room, in case of similar incidence, there would be proof. and I am writing this to the ABRSM.
今天幫學生伴奏小提琴二級考試後,我如常詢問表現如何,學生告知我考試官要求她做她沒有練習過的範圍,(要她在arpeggio 內拉連弓,而只有三級或以上才需要作出連弓的。)學生年級太少,不懂得反應,只感到不對。

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