My Quote

  1. When you think you can, you can. 
  2. Try before you regret, no regret after trying.
  3. Think twice before utter a word. 

Number 1 is related to the inner self, think positive. All students are good potentially, all of whom can learn something from a teacher. It’s my job to let them blossom and select the right nutrient for them. This thinking also gives me energy 

No 2: whenever I wanna try something, be it a new song, or a new sports or a new target, say ride a 100 km or run a marathon , I will tell myself this quote. 

As a teacher, educator, every word or body language will be or maybe copied by youngster, or act influence on them. It’s important to bear this mind so as not to hurt their self esteem , especially when they are not acting up to our standard. 

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