Good music to share. 好音樂分享

Yesterday I went to a concert with my students and friends, the pianist Louis played some of the Liszt, Haydn and Schubert. Thanks to my friends free tickets, we were able to sit at front and enjoy nice music. 

Exposture to nice live music is important in the course of music learning. Students and us can have a gist of what tone colour is. They can copy or take reference of the stagecraft of other pianist. 

Playing violin on 1 foot. 小提琴課@金雞獨立

My active violin student keeps bouncing playing walking around during lesson, so I give her a task. Standing on one foot while playing and see how long she could stand. 

She then successfully stand for the rest of the lesson. Concentration increase! And she told me she wants to stand on one foot for while lesson next time!