Wedding job on 20161015 Carey and teddy wedding

Congratulations  to miss Carey and Teddy!

Miss Carey 學生和姨甥們希望在婚禮當日送一首歌給她,而新娘亦同時合唱送給新郎哥。

1. Akg wireless mic x 2

2 Yamaha ag06 mixer

3 condenser mic x 1

4 digital piano Casio px150

5 piano stand

6. A set of Jag lines

7. iPad

8. Zoom handy cam

9 carmera stand.

10. Mic stand

由於集琴手,sound engineering , co ordinator ,conductor 等多功能在身,六點半job. 14:30已到場set up prepare 了。

工作順利完成,埸面亦非常感動。it’s my pleasure to be part of this wedding event!

My gears

Equipment added : ag06 mixer/ interface 

For producing a better quality sound, equipments are needed. 

Recently, I have bought an AG06 mixer which is associated with an app called “Cubasis”. 
The mixer is easy to use and contain built in effect. With just one touch, different effect like eq, Quitar amp simulator can be used. 

This costs me just around Hkd $ 1000. Very reasonable price with many functions, such as board casting, gaming, mobile recording etc.. 

I am going to use it on live band and wedding gig too. The size and weight is portable and handy. 

I’ll upload recordings used by this ag06 soon. Stay tuned.