Wedding job on 20161015 Carey and teddy wedding

Congratulations  to miss Carey and Teddy!

Miss Carey 學生和姨甥們希望在婚禮當日送一首歌給她,而新娘亦同時合唱送給新郎哥。

1. Akg wireless mic x 2

2 Yamaha ag06 mixer

3 condenser mic x 1

4 digital piano Casio px150

5 piano stand

6. A set of Jag lines

7. iPad

8. Zoom handy cam

9 carmera stand.

10. Mic stand

由於集琴手,sound engineering , co ordinator ,conductor 等多功能在身,六點半job. 14:30已到場set up prepare 了。

工作順利完成,埸面亦非常感動。it’s my pleasure to be part of this wedding event!

My gears

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