Merry Christmas! 

May all of you have a Merry Cristmas!!!  
Thanks for the Christmas gifts and cards! 

1218 Mtr Christmas show! 

2016 年12月18日18:00-18:45,我地會用歌聲琴聲,同大家一齊係香港站地下,迎接歡度聖誕!歡迎大家一齊來欣賞!

Kyle chi the pianist, thanks for helping out!

Karen, Peter and Yvette thanks for the support!

Grace (vocal), Yvette (pianist, triangle) , Fiona (vocal) , Law Wing Yan (Pianist) ,

Joseph (vocal),  Ellen (organiser and pianist)


Thank you for helping out!!

Ivan Wong  (guitarist)

Yin yin (violinist) and Christy (violinist)