Chairman Annual Dinner 2017

Chairman 同業界一年一度盛事:聚餐!識到好多新朋友亦撞番好多音樂朋友!今晚好開心!有人請食飯!
我同Master Music 同學Giocoso Studio 既Emily 老師同行、遇上一起進修時認識的upbeat Music Cathy Lau 老師。
大家都由以往的學生,成為了Director 了!

It’s my honour to be invited to go to this music annual dinner. It’s so happy to meet new music friends and gather with the old ones. Cathy Lau who was my classmate in Amustcl class is now director of her own studio. 

It’s almost 10 years since the last time we met. 

New student gave me full mark😊

Tabitha is my new violin student. The first time we met, she’s little timid,but after awhile  I have sense that she got talent for the instrument. 
I asked her if my lesson is interesting and asked her to score 1 to 10, and after I left, her mom did the same, ask her to give me score. 
I am flattered to be given full marks😊 I’ll try my best to nurture you.