Show Choir Audition Date

We welcome all students to go on stage and join the show. While 2 of which will be selected for the lead roles. Please pull yourself together and prepare for the songs!

Audition Details

Audition 8/8/2019 Thursday  :

Audition Time : 18:15-19:15 

Audition place: 

Olympic station MTR. Room 809. 8/F Kowloon Plaza. 38 Tai Kok Tsui Road 

Audition Content

Singing in group / solo  

Song will be selected by the judges and from the following repertories

  1. Do Re me. 
  2. Do re me Encore
  3. So long farewell
  4. My favourite thing 
  5. Elsewise 
  6. Lonely Goatherd 

Talent Show : 2 mins 

Be it perform instruments / singing or dancing or public speaking or magic tricks, tell a story or acting or anything you can think of.

If no, it’s fine. 

Dance:copy from Teacher Noddy 

Miss Noddy will teach 4-8 counts steps, and students follow

Video Audition: submit by  12/8 Monday 

In case you are not available on the audition date, we don’t want to miss out good candidates, video auditions are also welcome. 

Please record at least 1-2 mins of your singing (one of the songs form the sound of music listed, talent show if any. Try to impress us by your means. 

Format: youtube will be most welcome. Otherwise, mp3, avi format will be acceptable. 

Please send to the email listed on the poster. Or whatsapp / email me the link. 

See you there! 

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