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Lovely KaHei with rainbow bells

He just finished his school exam and feel tired during lessons. And here come the rainbow bells games.

家晞上小提琴沒精打采(學校剛考完試),於是和他用彩虹Bells Jam歌!


New violin class recruiting  Students!

Both Adult and Children Classs are recruiting students!

Enquiry: 6235 4238

Congratulations to Leung’s Sisters

收到呢張violin 成績都算幾有滿足感;由baby 教到八級,同時練習兩件樂器, 鋼琴同小提琴, 都同樣高分完成。 謝謝學生媽媽支持, 當中有時好多堂都因為要到醫院抽院 / 覆診等遲左到, 佢學生媽媽都好包容我。 叫做盡左本份。 同一時間擔當佢既小提琴老師,鋼琴老師, 及伴奏老師,好似完成左成個project. 好開心好滿足! I’ll continue to work harder . And also work on my own too. Time to move on in my own studies.

I am quite happy to have received this result . Being as her piano teacher, violin teacher and also the accompanist myself, it’s like finishing a project and getting good result. Thanks to the mother who helped me pushed her practice and also understand my situation that I sometimes late for class because of hospital matters.

I’ll work harder to continue my teaching. I love my job and the rewards is priceless. Whether the student got good result or not, it’s the process that counts. They worked really hard.