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Casting Result of the sound of music

Congratulation to Erin! You have been assigned the role of LIESL!

Learnt SLS singing method, age similar to the role, dance well, and sing well. More results will be announced soon.

Don’t forget there are also instrumental performance on the Oct 5th!


Poster Photo shooting date for concert 2019 proposing


The photos shall be used for poster and leaflets and booklets. And future promotion use.

Date: 12/8/2019. Or 14/8 /2019 or 19/4/2019 (updated)

Time : 17:00~19:00 for best sunlight and photo shooting result

Fees $400.

For students who can’t attend photo shooting dates, it would be welcome to send your photos to

Please reply if you can attend this photo shooting activity asap. By Sunday night.

As it’s an outdoor activity, we are reserving 2 dates.

Because of the current strikes that’s happening in HK , the photo shooting date shall be on weekdays.

Dress code:colourful. No yellow, no white. No black. As too hot. Take out your best clothes.


Leo Wong , or Simon szeto.

Props : your instruments.

Pianist will have a midi piano prepared by ETTP music studio

Proposing venue :to be confirmed

St. John’s Cathedral (Hong Kong)first choice

4 garden road central


Hong Kong park
19, Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong.

Recap for the photos shot 2 years ago.

20190804 singing lesson

The Sound of Music Singing lesson

we sang lonely gathered, Do Re Me and 16 going on 17.

The students enjoy the shows so much !!! full of laughters!!!

what are you waiting for ? join us! I feel like being Maria myself now…. exhausted but overwhelmed with happiness 😀

謝謝 LEO SIR借出屋企作上課用途:)我地一班人又唱又食!你仲等咩?快DJOIN我地啦!! The Sound of Music Show Choir Show! 聽日就係Audition la !!

2019 年8 月8 日,18:15-19:15,

Olympic city MTR. Room 809 , 8/f, New Kowloon Plaza, 38 tai Kok Tsui Road.

Show Choir Audition Date

We welcome all students to go on stage and join the show. While 2 of which will be selected for the lead roles. Please pull yourself together and prepare for the songs!

Audition Details

Audition 8/8/2019 Thursday  :

Audition Time : 18:15-19:15 

Audition place: 

Olympic station MTR. Room 809. 8/F Kowloon Plaza. 38 Tai Kok Tsui Road 

Audition Content

Singing in group / solo  

Song will be selected by the judges and from the following repertories

  1. Do Re me. 
  2. Do re me Encore
  3. So long farewell
  4. My favourite thing 
  5. Elsewise 
  6. Lonely Goatherd 

Talent Show : 2 mins 

Be it perform instruments / singing or dancing or public speaking or magic tricks, tell a story or acting or anything you can think of.

If no, it’s fine. 

Dance:copy from Teacher Noddy 

Miss Noddy will teach 4-8 counts steps, and students follow

Video Audition: submit by  12/8 Monday 

In case you are not available on the audition date, we don’t want to miss out good candidates, video auditions are also welcome. 

Please record at least 1-2 mins of your singing (one of the songs form the sound of music listed, talent show if any. Try to impress us by your means. 

Format: youtube will be most welcome. Otherwise, mp3, avi format will be acceptable. 

Please send to the email listed on the poster. Or whatsapp / email me the link. 

See you there! 

Recruiting performers: the sound of music show choir member

正弦音樂在六月份 己進行過欣選,為了找尋最合適人選,現在公開兩位角色招募!能歌善舞的你,快D 捉住暑假既尾巴,參加我們的演唱機會吧!

現在還有兩位主角空出,正弦早在六月己進行過欣選,為了找到最合適的人選,現在公開招募!喜歡又唱又跳舞的你,快D捉住暑假既尾巴!跟Maria 一齊唱歌跳舞啦!Audition 時間將會在一星期內公佈!快D打電話留位啦!如果你有興趣,但Audition 時間不合適,我地亦接受 youtube / videos / send files.

Audition Date would be within these 2 weeks. If you are interested in being one of the lead roles and sing with Maria, please drop me an email or WhatsApp me. let us know.

Videos or youtube audition files will be accepted too incase the audition date does not suit your schedule. but face to face audition is much appreciated as this is a team work.

先致電 /Whatsapp 唐老師留位 :62354238

綵排地點: 奧運站 大角咀道38 號 新九龍廣場8 樓809 室


ICBC 7035-0201-9566 Ellen Thong Teach and Perform Music Studio

HSBC: 163-2-018071. Thong Tsui Yim Ellen

BOC: 012-880-1-055803-3 Thong Tsui Yim Ellen

payme: 67993501

正弦會將綵排時間 email 給 你。

Please WhatsApp / call : Miss Ellen Thong for confirmation of your seat. 6235 4238

send $4000 bank receipt to any one of the bank accounts below:

ICBC 7035-0201-9566 Ellen Thong Teach and Perform Music Studio

HSBC: 163-2-018071. Thong Tsui Yim Ellen

BOC: 012-880-1-055803-3 Thong Tsui Yim Ellen

payme: 67993501

and we ‘ll email the rehearsal schedule to you .

Rehearsal Venue: room 809 8/ F 38 Tai Kok Tsui Rd, Tai Kok Tsui. MTR station: olympic city

1st singing lesson with Leo Wong

This yeas Concert theme song based on The sound of Music !

Songs includes : Do Re Me, My favorite Thing, 16 going on 17 etc!

We are going to have a show choir with these students , a small group so everyone got bigger show ratio.

Small class and Leo can pay attention to each other.

Stay tune on October 5th 2019! Tsuen Wan town Hall 19:00-22:00!