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The Show Choir is coming


十月五日:荃灣大會堂 文娛廳,19:00 $170

主要係正弦學生表演鋼琴,小提琴獨奏和合奏,Miss Noddy 一班Musical and Dance 學生勁歌熱舞,及今次全新,由三位老師: 我,Mr. Leo Wong, Miss Noddy Angel Law 合作創作既The Sound of Music Show Choir 演出 

快D黎睇下學生們為今次演出而努力綵排練習 既成果啦!

買飛可以PM我 ,或者直接click 下面link 買都得!…

Let’s introduce our another show choir performer : Casey Choi

We are happy to have Casey as Christine (Kurt) in our sound of music show choir. She is one of our assets. She has got a championship  in an singing competition. She is also learning dancing for few years and very responsive and groovy towards music. 

繼續介紹我地show choir 其中一位成員: Casey Choi!


Casey 跳得唱得!仲曾經係歌唱比賽獲得冠軍!佢今次係The Sound of Muisc 擔任Christine (Kurt) 既角色!想睇佢唱歌跳舞?十月五日,十月七日見!!


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Poster Photo shooting date for concert 2019 proposing


The photos shall be used for poster and leaflets and booklets. And future promotion use.

Date: 12/8/2019. Or 14/8 /2019 or 19/4/2019 (updated)

Time : 17:00~19:00 for best sunlight and photo shooting result

Fees $400.

For students who can’t attend photo shooting dates, it would be welcome to send your photos to

Please reply if you can attend this photo shooting activity asap. By Sunday night.

As it’s an outdoor activity, we are reserving 2 dates.

Because of the current strikes that’s happening in HK , the photo shooting date shall be on weekdays.

Dress code:colourful. No yellow, no white. No black. As too hot. Take out your best clothes.


Leo Wong , or Simon szeto.

Props : your instruments.

Pianist will have a midi piano prepared by ETTP music studio

Proposing venue :to be confirmed

St. John’s Cathedral (Hong Kong)first choice

4 garden road central


Hong Kong park
19, Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong.

Recap for the photos shot 2 years ago.

20190804 singing lesson

The Sound of Music Singing lesson

we sang lonely gathered, Do Re Me and 16 going on 17.

The students enjoy the shows so much !!! full of laughters!!!

what are you waiting for ? join us! I feel like being Maria myself now…. exhausted but overwhelmed with happiness 😀

謝謝 LEO SIR借出屋企作上課用途:)我地一班人又唱又食!你仲等咩?快DJOIN我地啦!! The Sound of Music Show Choir Show! 聽日就係Audition la !!

2019 年8 月8 日,18:15-19:15,

Olympic city MTR. Room 809 , 8/f, New Kowloon Plaza, 38 tai Kok Tsui Road.