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My new equipments 我新加的架生gears 

iPad Pro 128 g. 12.9 inch 

Yamaha Mixer ag06 

Akg wireless mic 

Tascam dr -44wl

Zoom handy cam q2 HD

Headphone akg k121 studio 

Sennheser Condenser mic 

Digital piano Casio px150 (not in photo) 

Acoustic piano  Petrof (not in photo)

Electric violin (not in photo)

Acoustic violin (not in photo)


Equipment added : ag06 mixer/ interface 

For producing a better quality sound, equipments are needed. 

Recently, I have bought an AG06 mixer which is associated with an app called “Cubasis”. 
The mixer is easy to use and contain built in effect. With just one touch, different effect like eq, Quitar amp simulator can be used. 

This costs me just around Hkd $ 1000. Very reasonable price with many functions, such as board casting, gaming, mobile recording etc.. 

I am going to use it on live band and wedding gig too. The size and weight is portable and handy. 

I’ll upload recordings used by this ag06 soon. Stay tuned.