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Zoe violin clips

Zoe has been practicing a lot during this “vacation” and has progressed a lot.

Hope you all enjoy

篠崎book 1. No. 48 and 49

蝴蝶and 我真快樂

Corliss got a gift !

It’s very for student to get motivated and awarded for what they have paid off

Lovely Corliss! Well Done!

Corliss has been keeping practicing during the suspension of the class due to the novel coronovirus. And progresses much during this time.

And finally she has scored the stickers number and awarded a gift after all this period

A new atcl student inspiration.

It’s always enjoyable to share music. Especially when one is very smart and musically sensitive

Ann is very passionate in music and wants to play the pieces well. Her stamina and endurance in practice reminds me what musicians need to be.

HK Stage Factory is still under renovation. Painting to be done. But the grand piano is already helping the senior students.