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Yvette and Corliss fun lesson

Rehearsal on The stylist cut your hair


Miss Ellen improvise

These days just so many things happening to me. My mind has been filled with too much confusion and troubles. Because the unfortunate or fortunate thing happens in me, I just keep having the soar feelings in my hearts.

Music heals. Music helps me vent out my angers or hurt feeling. I am grateful that god is with me. And I understand now everything is for a reason. Why there are so many Christians students and parents around me who treat me as close friends already.

I love my family, my lover and my students.

I want to keep deliver the knowledge and skills that I have and try to make a little better world by my little hands.

Hope you enjoy my care free imprecision.

Music Marathon 2018

正弦學生將會參與樂施會的慈善 籌款演奏活動。

四月 二十二日星期日, 演出時間為13:39-14:19 。 於這段時間內,為大家送上小提琴,鋼琴小品; 其中包括 river flows in you, beauty and the beast 等名曲,希望大家前來觀賞!

This month 22/4 , 1315:-14:15 my students and I will be performing at Maritime Square for charity event organized by Oxfam.

Please come to enjoy our music and support us! See you there!