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無掌少年 成鋼琴天才爆紅(有片) (from am130 newspaper) 

天生我才必有用!俄羅斯西部城鎮Zelenogorsk15歲少年Alexei Romanov,天生殘缺,沒有手掌,因而被爸媽遺棄,一直在孤兒院長大,直至約3年前才被收養,繼父母鼓勵他學習音樂,他憑著堅毅精神苦練,終彈得一手好彈琴。他彈奏浪漫電影《暮光之城》配樂《River Flows in You》的片段,感動無數人,令他在網上一夜成名。



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家長的feedback, 我的動力

Rita 是一個很有主見活潑的女孩子,音樂感和記性也很強,但就欠缺耐性。

今天收到她媽媽WhatsApp ,


Thus is the first time Rita request to practice piano at the piano room by yourself, this made my day.

Rita has a strong musical sense and is able to recognize and remember music very quick, just that the stamina is not good enough yet. But today her mom told me that and it’s quite rewarding.

Hopefully she can continue to make the move.