For show Choir Team practice

For practicing the songs

The Flow of Do Re me,

Script :

Scripts for do re me :

Christine : we don’t’ know any song 

Maria: you don’t?

All: No

Maria: well.. now I know where to start. I am going to teach you how to sing (sings)

                Let’s start at the very beginning …..

Brigitta :  is that what you call a song? Do re me fa so la ti and so on?

Maria :    no. do re me fa so and so on are only the tools we use to build a song. Once we have these notes in our heads we can sing a million different tunes.

Friedrich: how?

By mixing them up. Listen (sings)

       …la…. Fa

Now you do it. 

Children: (sings)  so do la fa…

We Make Music, Make Dreams!

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