Grade 5 Theory Course Outline

Main Five Topics / Areas  includes:

1. Basic musical knowledge of key signatures, time signatures, simple time, compound time, irregular time, triplets, duplets, Italian terms, accidentals usage, ledger lines, voice staving (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) etc… all the meaning of musical notation you have seen in music scores will be explained and covered in this grade 5 theory course.


2. The meaning of Scales systems, major, melodic and harmonic minor, the difference and relationship between them.

3. The method of distinguishing the distance between two notes: Music Interval, the way of using augmented, diminished, major, perfect, minor these descriptive words.

4. Melody writing of 8 bars, using leaps, steps. (With or without lyrics, lyrics to be given)

5. The use of Cadence at the end of music. The different types of usage of perfect cadence, imperfect cadence, plagal cadence, interrupted etc…


Depends on teaching schedule and progress, the last 2 months before examination dates, time will be focused on doing past papers, (for at least 5 years )

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