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一個演奏會的誕生,真的不容易!由事前安排歌曲,租場(掙場),場刊,宣傳單張,海報設計,到演奏會當日台前幕後的所有安排,缺一不可! 每次演奏會後,我都懷疑自己還有否精神體力再舉辦下一次,但看到相片和video, 看見學生們台上的表現,看著她們的成長,我又有再辦的動力了。 今次真的很感動得到一班朋友的頂力協助!沒有他們,演奏會一定沒有這樣成功!多謝媽媽的支持,精神上,身體上都很支持我!謝謝!
The Ellen Thong’s Students and Friends Concert is over. Every time after the concert, after all those excitements and exhaustion, I wonder if I could carry on to hold the next concert. However, when I watched the videos, the happy faces of my students, the pretty dresses they wore, I watched them shine on stage, I begin to plan again what the next concert will be look like. Very grateful to my friends, who have helped me so much, from lighting, to photography, backstage, video taking, students arrangement etc…without them, there will be no success like this. Thank you very much! Thanks to my family, especially my mom who has helped me a lot and support me unconditionally😍😊😊😊 I love you. Mommy. 20140915-235132.jpg 20140915-235202.jpg