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A new musical experience: Live Cello Music and Yoga


Sports and Music has always been my favourites. Thanks to the Hong Kong Sinfonietta and the Pure Yoga, it’s my first trial to do yoga with live cello music and its fantastic.

The music played by the cellist Barley featuring Bach’s classical cello suits, filled the room with tranquility and warmth. The yoga instructor this time asked the pubic to do some simple and basic stretching. The beautiful music shorten the duration of the “suffering”. Really looking forward to other activities like this one!


Violin Scores Sharing

Lindsey-Stirling Download the score : Titled: Elements, from this link.

She’s a lovely violinist and dancer. She successfully combined the the two arts in a perfect way. Elegantly dancing while playing . Watching her youtube is enjoyable.

Lindsey Stirling 是一位拉小提琴的舞者,她是少數能夠同時融合兩種藝術的artist. 以上連結是其中一首小提琴作品 Element!check it out!

搬屋遇貴人. What a lucky day!




I have been moving house these days. Today while I was taking a little break from tidying the house. Playing my violin , my new neighbour rang my bell, an old man with a native assent talked to me, ” your violin is not properly fixed. ” from hearing what he said, I knew he’s must be of same expertise as I do. And listening to elderly do nothing harm, right? I asked him the detail and we spent many hours together.

He’s a retired musician, professional in fixing and teaching violin. My violin is not a very expensive one, one of its problem is that the distance between fingers is too large with certain interval, which hinder my speed and affects my pitch accuracy.

Without me telling him, he already fixed the sound colour, as well as the key problem I have had with the violin. He even gave me a new Rosin! I m having big luck today!


樂器老師,家長或學生們都知道練琴是必須的,尤其對於考試前席的準考生,但究竟練習多少個時數,才是足夠?看不少報章報導,有人年紀輕輕己經達到演奏級,而Colin Lee亦提及過自己每天練習最少八小時,那麼,對業餘的音樂愛好者,又要投放多少時間,才有能力演奏出美妙的樂章?








In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell discusses research done at the Berlin Academy of Music. Researchers divided violin students into three categories: the stars, the good performers, and the ones who would become teachers but not performers. It turns out that the number one predictor of which category a violinist fell in was the number of hours of practice.

The future teachers had practiced 4,000 hours in their lifetime. The good performers, 8,000 hours. And those who were categorized as stars? Every single one of them had practiced at least 10,000 hours.

And here’s the compelling part: There wasn’t a single violinist who had practiced 10,000 hours who wasn’t a star. In other words, 10,000 hours of practice guaranteed you’d be a star violinist. According to Gladwell, 10,000 hours of practice is the magic number to become the best at anything.