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Good student of the month : Agnes Chan

Good practice this week, quite smooth plating as compared with last week and made a good progress !

Keep up the work !

Beginner Hei Hei ‘s progress 

Date: 10th March 2015D
Due to the not yet developed finger muscle and muscle memory not yet imprint, the shape of the playing finders are not in arch shape yet.

Solution : using Hanon, practice each bar slowly and with repetition in correct way.

Hei Hei is s quite boy, like to draw teacher’s attention. Today he asks me to look at his drawings on the drawing pad, last time he wanted to show me his cute dolls (his friends since baby time). The praise or scold effect by teacher in him is big. Need to be careful when dealing with this.


用Hanon. 慢練每一小節。確定動作有正確。
posture of playing
bending of finger

Progress of new students 

start learning since Jan 2015 Age:3.5 Hei Hei only in two months time, he can read score, keep upbright fingers  just sometimes  fear of committing mistakes. unwilling to answer my questions


age:4 Lara starts learning since 2nd march,2015 admin-ajax.php-2 lara second lesson, managed to hold violin for over 3 mins. As part of a training, she was asked to stand on a stool for not more than 4 minutes. This method has be acknowledged and approved by her mother too. Young student at this stage tend to run around or lack the concentration power, the stool method has some help here.

age: 4 aidan learning for 3 months, recognised letter names  can count, weak in  co ordination