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20190804 singing lesson

The Sound of Music Singing lesson

we sang lonely gathered, Do Re Me and 16 going on 17.

The students enjoy the shows so much !!! full of laughters!!!

what are you waiting for ? join us! I feel like being Maria myself now…. exhausted but overwhelmed with happiness 😀

謝謝 LEO SIR借出屋企作上課用途:)我地一班人又唱又食!你仲等咩?快DJOIN我地啦!! The Sound of Music Show Choir Show! 聽日就係Audition la !!

2019 年8 月8 日,18:15-19:15,

Olympic city MTR. Room 809 , 8/f, New Kowloon Plaza, 38 tai Kok Tsui Road.