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Dancing queen

A good experience from the Lsp Home coming show

The steps are simple but beautiful! Thanks Calvin for the choreography.

阿木 for the audio recording and all the dancers, singers.

For more photos and details of the show, please go to here!!

1218 Mtr Christmas show! 

2016 年12月18日18:00-18:45,我地會用歌聲琴聲,同大家一齊係香港站地下,迎接歡度聖誕!歡迎大家一齊來欣賞!

Kyle chi the pianist, thanks for helping out!

Karen, Peter and Yvette thanks for the support!

Grace (vocal), Yvette (pianist, triangle) , Fiona (vocal) , Law Wing Yan (Pianist) ,

Joseph (vocal),  Ellen (organiser and pianist)


Thank you for helping out!!

Ivan Wong  (guitarist)

Yin yin (violinist) and Christy (violinist)

Upcoming Orbis Show! 2015 9月20日 荃新天地



地點:荃新天地高層地下中庭 (荃灣楊屋道 18 號)