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Performing at Orange Peel 

on 28th feb, I’ve got a chance to work with a professional vocalist Mikey Wong. Pieces were : Panis Argeniscus, Nella Fantasia , and Because


Mikey and Ellen
Mikey (vocal) and Ellen (Pianist)
Orange Peel got a big crowd!
Orange Peel got a big crowd!

Thanks Jenkin and Simon Szeto for taking photos and movie for us!

Performance on 28th February 2015

Leo Wong and Ellen Thong will be playing classical songs on this date.

Leo will be singing and Ellen on her keyboard. This will be their 1st jam on public. Please come to enjoy the music night with nice wine and food. There are other performers playing jazz and pops and others. Please refer to the program’s below.

二月二十八日,LEO 同ELLEN ,同其它音樂人會係 Orange Peel 演出!當晚音樂元素豐富,有古典,JAZZ,POP,Indie Folk…etc..想邊享受美酒,邊ENJOY 音樂,就快D 黎啦!

我地個SLOT 係17:00-18:00, 記得黎捧場啦~