20190712 China Hong Kong youth symphony show

This was my first time ever to work with an orchestra on the piano part! This is a very challenging job, that I felt so much pressure before that show date.

But then pressure became motivation, I listened to different you tune version, CD, recordings so as to get used to he flow, the section and the melody and the cues before piano enters.

Finally I didn’t screw up. Yup, but it could be far better.

That night the audience almost occupied the whole venue, and Harry GorGor was very professional in making the audience laughs. It was a very good experience and I added a new page to my music career life.

It was stressful but I really want to try again to make this skill better. My orchestral repetoires is still very narrow.

Thanks sum yau mother, my beloved student sum yau and my beloved Simon to come and support me.

We Make Music, Make Dreams!

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