Orbit Charity Show 28th June 2015

Thank you all students and friends for participation in this meaning event, and thanks Helen Yeung invitation. We are very glad to have this chance of helping out.

奧比斯義演順利完成,謝謝所有學生們努力旳演出!謝謝Hong Kong Performers Trombone Quartet, 澄韻小提琴教室的鄒宗諭參與!

Ellen Thong Teach and Perform Studio 參與學生包括:

Lee Yin Yin

Theodora Fung

Law Wing Yan

Miss Ellen Thong


四手聯彈: 總是一次又一次,龍貓插曲(久石讓)

小提琴獨奏:  Remembrance (John William), Allegro Sonata III (Handel)

鋼琴獨奏 Minute Waltz (Chopin),小提琴合奏:  Lovers Concerto, Beauty and the Beast, Amazing Grace etc…


another show is coming at 20th  September 2015, stay tuned!


Photographer: Mr. Simon Szeto

Camera man: My Super Dad, Henery Thong

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