Wedding Live Band

The Prayer. Vocal & Carmera Mr. Leo Wong. Pianist & Edit: Miss Ellen Thong.

The students play violins, as a gift, during the bribe’s wedding. I helped the piano arrangement and the music band arrangement that day.

Why you need a live band in your wedding:

You need a suitable mood for your guests and friends, be it romantic, joyful, or elegant, live music add colors to your special wedding. You and your guests will feel specially enjoyable with live music.



Why you need us:

We are all experienced stage performers, song arranger,

We will always dress elegantly for your big day and we guarantee to produce good music for your special day. We can tailor made music just for your need, be it religious, romantic, classical or popular or traditional.

We are responsible  and professional.

We will  check with you the venue’s PA system and the sound acoustic before your big day. We reserve suitable time for setting up before your performance time. Our dress code is high-class and will be part of a decoration of your wedding. We are more flexible with timing during your event. When you march in, when you sign your paper, when you speak we can always provide the right music as the backdrop. This is totally different compared with box music.

We can be of big band, or a small one. Dependent on your need.

We have vocals, keyboard, violinist, cellist, flutist, pianist, Violist, Saxophone. Usually a big band will cost higher budget and create a bigger sound, a smaller create a warmth atmosphere.

Need our service?

Please leave us your contact, your big date, venue, types of music wanted, any special songs and instruments preferred in the contact form below. We will reply you with the quotation and the song list as soon as possible.


We Make Music, Make Dreams!

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